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Original Intention: “Love Yourselves; put oneself in someone else's shoes”
When you choose to move on to the next phrase of life, you need to forget about the past. 
We are not using soaps just to clean our bodies. When you love yourself and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, then, cleansing would become much easier and purer.

If you’re touched by the story of the deaf boy who biked around Taiwan island in 6 days or a young couple who traveled each corner of Taiwan to collect the sound of nature in movie scenes, then, you will be interested in Yuan’s story.

“If you don’t do things you want to do now, you will not do it for the rest of your life.” Indeed, the deaf biker character completed the movie director’s dream. In the same way, the founder Yuan from Yuan Soap decided to let go of his advertising career of 10 years to DO what he wanted to do: returning to the most familiar land to find a new way of living.
Creating a good, Taiwan-native product had become Yuan Workshop’s consistent goal since 2005. Yuan started this honest business with 2 simple concepts: “Love Yourselves” and “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes.”

When Yuan reached his career peak in 1999, his physical body got tired of the fakeness of society and became weak and extremely sensitive. By then, Yuan decided to slow down his pace, got in touch with religions, and practiced Qigong to improve his health. Then he began to hand make soaps with the style of minimalism and a community-based labor force. Eventually, he created a series of products to promote his ideal of “Love Yourselves,” and “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes.”
In order to keep our soaps friendly to mankind and the environment, we don’t add artificial additives or overrated packaging. Therefore, the image of Yuan Soap had been applauded within 2 to 3 years in the market. It proves that the concept of substantiality and health are the trend, and good quality products with simple packaging design had satisfied whoever is looking for the purity of body and mind.
How does a little cube of soap present the art of handmaking, the ethics of labor works, nationalism and high product quality? Yuan will tell you the story with his action and sincere attitude.

Core Value: We will do business substantially because it took us a very long time to discover the healing power of natural herbs in Taiwan.

The island of Taiwan is surrounded by ocean. It has beautiful forests and mountains, which contain lots of precious natural herbs. The herbs are natural healing gifts from God. It’s a pity that only people from the last generation know how to utilize these herbs for living, and the young generation doesn’t know how to work with these precious resources.

The founder Ron-Yuan Chiang began to make herbal soaps for his own sensitive skin. His original intention is “Love yourself” and “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and all of the soap ingredients are from nature: houttuynia from the hills, wild patchouli in fields, and the common wild mugworts on the ground. In order to keep these soaps’ natural healing power and vitality, Yuan uses the natural cold spring water from the mountains of Wanli District, instead of filtered or stilled water. Thus, we believe that the running mountain water can reactivate skin cells and purify people’s minds.

After a couple of years, the original workshop was too small for the market demands; at this time, Yuan Soap relocated to its new workshop and production center by Yangming Mountain and the North Shore. In Tamshui, Yuan established a new research and development center and head office. In addition, Yuan rented and settled a wild farm within Yangmingshan National Reserve. We perform natural, organic farming to preserve the herbs’ natural power. Eventually, our soap makers from the workshop became natural herb farmers. Then, Yuan asked Dr. Tai, from Munich Medical University, to work together and started up the “Yuan International Herbal Research and Development Center.”

In Yuan’s mind, this is not just a piece of soap, a plain land or a dream. You can find “The Ethics of Lands,” and “the Art of Labor” here. Then, we can maximize his original intention: Love yourselves and allow things return to where they belong.

Promises: I don’t like to give promises to anyone.
You should understand that the moments you have now will become your life’s story.

A person can be forgotten. But Time will remember you. At the end of time, there will be so many promises that haven’t been fulfilled.
There are so many forgotten promises on this rich land. Be careful that success doesn’t stop you from fulfilling your promises.
Yuan’s previous work required him to travel from town to town on the island of Taiwan. Thus, he’s seen the most beautiful story of Taiwanese people: the hard works and the simple happiness from the farmers who just desire to grow a field of great crops with high standard and quality. Therefore, he decided to hire these happy farmers, retired women and disabled people, to be in Yuan Workshop’s production team. Through their warm hands and native herbal ingredients, we believe that Yuan Soap can deliver the best, sincerest soap to represent Taiwan.
The philosophy of Yuan’s business strategy can be categorized in cultural creative, anthropology studies, or local Taiwanese art. On the other hand, these honest handmade soaps will receive the support from all groups, no matter which political parties or regions they belong to. Thus, you can find Yuan Soap in a simple local grocery store, organic juice bar, and all the way to a high-end bookstore.
Soap business is not Yuan’s starting point. Instead, it’s the first step to care about all mankind. Therefore, he would like to combine the concept “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes” and “Love yourselves,” and then promote this simple ideal to the society through a simple soap in this world of materialism. It is just a small piece of handmade soap. When it begins to nourish and cleanse your skin, even the most sensitive areas, you will understand the hard work and diligence of this soap. It’s truly sincere and honest.
Taiwan is Yuan’s hometown, the place he is most familiar with, the place he cares for, and the place he is proud to be a part of. Thus, one of Yuan’s most important goals now is to make Taiwan’s good products shine worldwide. Currently, Yuan Soap has more than a hundred store locations in Taiwan, as well as global partners in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. While we are expanding our business, we also focus on land ecology and social responsibility. We are proud of being made in Taiwan, and we wish to build up the awareness of our local accessory business to make them all shine with us together.

A cube of soap can comfort urban peoples’ uneasy minds, and can also cleanse unclean bodies.
Our inspiration came from the truth. Making soaps makes us realize that the most precious things are the things you are losing. The things you own will become a burden to you.

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