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The functional nourishment of the body and the Eastern herbs coexist harmoniously

Ayuan workshop was founded in 2005. Taiwan-grown herbs were the highlights; they are combined with the concept of oriental nourishment. Armed with the mentality of taking care of one’s body and treating the environment with kindness, Ayuan had its humble beginning in making hand-made soap. Later, Ayuan integrated biological technology with herb extracts. With the addition of ethereal oil, Ayuan developed body, facial, oral, pet, and home cleaning and care products.


“Love yourself” and “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes”

When Yuan reached his career peak in 1999, his physical body got tired of the fakeness of society and became weak and extremely sensitive. By then, Yuan decided to slow down his pace, got in touch with religions, and practiced Qigong to improve his health. Then he began to hand make soaps with the style of minimalism and a community-based labor force. Eventually, he created a series of products to promote his ideal of “Love Yourselves,” and “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes.”

In order to keep our soaps friendly to mankind and the environment, we don’t add artificial additives or overrated packaging. Therefore, the image of Yuan Soap had been applauded within 2 to 3 years in the market. It proves that the concept of substantiality and health are the trend, and good quality products with simple packaging design had satisfied whoever is looking for the purity of body and mind.


National Award of Sustainable Development

Since 2006, Ayuan has been excavating in Yangmingshan National Park. Ayuan Farm has practiced land ethics, labor aesthetics, and promote Collective Community Building, which generated town residents to collectively labor. This has created faith-based, sustainable managing environment; it has expanded the value of locally-created economy. Using stellar cultural creations to successfully turn hand-made economy into superior business model.
This trend has gone from Taiwan to the rest of the world. It has been selected by the Taiwan government as a model for corporate standards, hence Ayuan has won this coveted award.



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